Transferable Skills

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The term ‘transferable skill’ is used frequently. What does it mean? Can you use your transferable skill to help you get your next job?

A skill is something you have learnt over time, you probably enjoy doing it and you are good at it.

If it is ‘transferable’ you can use it or apply it in different situations.

The ‘transferability’ of your skill will very much depend on its relevance to the role you want to apply for.

In our experience skills such as Microsoft excel proficiency, MS word proficiency, problem solving ability, leadership skills, project management skills, come up quite often. Remember, if you state you have a skill you will need to be able to demonstrate it.

For your own job search, it is a good idea to identify your transferable skills and understand how they are relevant to the job you want. If you are looking to change career you will probably come across certain skills which link specifically to that job type – it is never too late to start re-training if you think you lack one or two.

We all have transferable skills. Figuring out what they genuinely are may take some time but the exercise will always be worthwhile.

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