Cupcake Clients

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I think it’s important that our candidates, and potential candidates, know that the majority of our Clients don’t do cupcakes (ten years ago I would have been saying ‘buns’ by the way). They don’t do cupcakes to celebrate Mondays, banners to celebrate birthday’s or personalised water bottles to celebrate the sacrifices they make for the sake of the environment.

Our Clients focus on the day to day stuff of running a business and they do it well. It’s not about the optics. The career experience one gets in an Irish SME is quite different I expect to that gained in a multinational. Display a skill or talent and it will definitely be utilised. If you’ve been pigeonholed in a previous role, you’ll be given the opportunity to spread your wings.

The theory of your Bachelor in Business, your B Comm, your Engineering degree will come alive working with business’ like these. Make no mistake you’ll earn your crust but you’ll also get career defining experience which will stand to you throughout your work life.

We work every day to source wonderful candidates for these companies. If you find the above appealing send your CV to today

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