At PTP Recruitment we are strong advocates of the use of psychometric assessments as objective tools to help businesses solve their people puzzles. We are delighted to offer this service to our Clients.

PTP Recruitment offer a broad range of psychometric instruments all provided through Thomas International. These include : Thomas PPA, Thomas 360, Thomas Skills.

Thomas PPA provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work answering questions such as: What are their strengths and limitations? Are they self starters? How do they communicate? What motivates them ?

Behavioural assessments such as PPA can be used to solve a whole range of people issues in business such as :

Development : this covers a huge area from individual to organizational development. PPA can be used as a platform to coach employees struggling with aspects of their job, put together high performance project teams, assist with change management or survey potential issues within a team, department or company.

Retention : PPA can manage team relationships, resolve conflict, tailor training programmes and ensure people are in the right job for them,

Training : assessments can identify strengths and limitations, pinpoint training needs and be used to evaluate the success of training courses.

Recruitment : selecting people for jobs whether they are external or internal candidates. Assessments can be used to create an initial short list, to decide on interview questions or to investigate essential characteristics of a job.

Once PPA has been completed by your staff there are a wide range of reports available that will enable you to appreciate and understand the way your people work. Please contact us for more information at : 046 9060557 or

We adhere to a strict code of ethics in the administration, analysis and feedback of all psychometrics and we provide feedback reports and interpretive notes on the individual’s profiles.

For information on the range of Psychometric Instruments available through PTP Recruitment, i.e. Thomas PPA, Thomas 360 and Thomas Skills,  please contact us at