4 key soft skills you should be looking for

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There are 4 key soft skills which should form the basis of any job spec. They are particularly relevant to small and medium business where multitasking and an ‘all hands-on deck’ mentality is necessity. They are:
Q – quick to learn. Someone who picks things up quickly will most likely be an active listener, will be detail orientated and will just get on with things.
I – initiative. You really want someone who will make decisions, who will take actions, who will just figure it out.
N – nice. Nice has become a ‘meh’ word. Why ? Nice people get on with others. Nice people help others. Nice people work together. Nice people create a positive workplace. We need a lot more nice people everywhere.
D – dependable. We all know someone who we can ‘rely’ on. There is comfort in that isn’t there? Someone who is reliable, trustworthy, dedicated to performing their role, as expected.
A workplace filled with ‘QIND’ people would be good, wouldn’t it ?

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