Job Search Tips

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Updating your CV

Know why you’re updating it – is a move the right thing for you ? Figuring this out will help you focus your search.

Tailor your CV so that key words from the spec are included. This will help you to be seen by an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Keep your CV to 2 pages if you can. It can be difficult, but it’s worth it if the content is clear and adequately describes what you did and what you achieved.

Describe your achievements using metrics, if at all possible. It is such an effective way of impressing the reader.

Read your CV keeping in mind the role you are applying for. You may need to highlight some aspects of your experience to emphasise your  suitability.

Getting ready for the interview

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Practice walking in, shaking hands, taking a seat.

Practice the opening “so tell me about yourself” question.

There are many articles on line which can guide you on the best way to answer typical interview questions.

Prepare 3 highlights of your career which will demonstrate your quality as a candidate and try to get them in to the conversation somewhere.

Know the company, try to understand why the role is necessary and how you can sort whatever problem or opportunity for change they have.

Practice your goodbye – ‘thank you for your time and based on what I have heard today I want to reiterate my interest in the role”.

Finding a new job is a project in itself. Viewing it as such will improve your chances of finding your next successful step on your career ladder.

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