Tools to help you recruit for your business

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People interest me and uderstanding how they tick and why they tick fascinates me. If only I had learnt about behavioural analysis and job profiling earlier in my career, I might have done things differently. There are many tools available to employers now to help them make the most informed decision when recruiting an employee for their organisation.

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) gives an accurate overview of an individuals work behavioural preferences and answers questions such as : what are their strengths and limitations? how do they communicate? What motivates them?

Job profiling allows you to quickly and effectively profile the job you are recruiting for and allows you to determine the candidate with the best ‘fit’.

The recruitment process is a huge investment for an organisation in terms of time and money and certainly in the current climate is a decision which will not be taken lightly. Use whatever means available to make the most informed choice.

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