The value of work ?

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Your job exists for a reason.

Employers aren’t charity organisations – they won’t create a job for the sake of it.

A role exists to solve a problem, to improve something, to support something/ someone.

Every job adds value therefore you have the opportunity to add value. No matter what level you are at, you make something happen.

We all have days where we think ‘what’s the point ?’. We take steps in our career’s which we question. In fact, none of the philosophical babble in this post will make the slightest bit of difference to you if you hate your job and everything associated with it. This post may however make you feel slightly better if you’re thinking ‘I’m just the admin’, ‘I just do the payroll’, ‘I just sort out the shipments’.
I hope your workplace demonstrates how it values you, in some way.

If not, walk a little taller, regardless, knowing that you are a necessary, that your job has a purpose and that you ultimately have a part to play in the company’s continued success.

Maith thú.

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