The secret of “The Secret” as it relates to Careers

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Most of us of heard of or read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. The book – rightly or wrongly – claims that your thoughts can change your world. By the laws of attraction, positive thoughts attract positive things, negative thoughts attract negatives things. If you think you will succeed – you will. If you think you have no hope you probably haven’t.

Too simple in its assumptions, it leaves out the bit about hard graft, support from someone, a little luck and all the other necessary extras which get us where we want to be.

I read the book nearly 10 years ago. When I finished, I was so excited at the prospect of achieving all that I wanted both professionally and personally just by following the guidance given in it. I endured the personal positivity for about 2 days and then started to revert back to my more realistic, ‘slightly’ cynical self who is very positive 2 weeks in 4.

So, it’s not as easy as it seems – achieving the holy grail of perceived success. It is achievable though once we figure out what we truly want, how to get there and understand that it may not be that easy.

I think that is the secret of “The Secret”. It gave all those who read it a sense of hope, a belief that anything is possible.

You spend a lot of your life in work. If you are stuck in a role, a company, a career which makes you unhappy know that change can happen – not just by wishing ‘positively’ that it will but by figuring out a route and taking the, sometimes, difficult steps to get there.

That’s the secret.

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