Sometimes it’s hard to be a Parent . . .

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Last Friday I had to cancel 3 potentially good meetings as one of my boys was sick. I had planned, with military precision, my departure of 6 a.m. that morning. As I generally get our boys out to school, I did lunches, etc. the night before, so that my husband might have a relatively stress free routine that morning.


As I was quietly getting ready, one of my children woke with an earache, and that was when my plans went out the window. The ‘Mammy’ kicked in. I had to cancel the meetings and spend the day with Diarmuid.


The dilemma of ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ is one which many working parents face when their children are sick. Working for myself, it was hard to reconcile the mammy vs business woman. As I lay beside Diarmuid, I became more determined than ever to ensure SME’s know about Part Time Professionals and the obvious benefits to their business. It would be brilliant if more mothers/ fathers had greater choice re: part time careers and I think we are the vehicle for allowing that to happen.

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