Should I stay or should I go ?

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Recruiters, like us, are in business because, every day, professionals across all industries and all levels say “go” to the above question.

There are many reasons why people chose to leave their current role and move on.

Should you leave without having the next step in your career plan sorted ? My gut instinct would be to say “no”, however consider the following questions:

  • Will my physical and/ or mental health suffer if I stay in this job any longer ?
  • Have I done my research and know that there are more opportunities than qualified professionals in my area of expertise, i.e. I’ll have my choice of roles when I leave
  • From a future employers perspective how will it look if I give up my job ?
  • Can I afford to give up my job ?
  • Can I give 100% commitment to my current role until a better opportunity comes along?
  • Have I genuinely given this job a fair chance ?
  • Is there career progression with my current employer that I haven’t considered ?
  • Should I go back to full-time education in order to follow the career path I now realise I want?
  • Is it time to go out on my own?

Leaving your job is not a decision to be taken lightly however considering all the options available to you, it may be your only choice.

Framing the answer the the question ‘why did you leave your last job’ is one to prepare for in advance. You want to demonstrate that your decision was a considered one and justifiable from your perspective. Good luck if you are in this position currently.



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