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As one who receives many CV’s a week, I find there are huge differences in the content and wording of CV’s from candidates coming from multinational companies and those coming from small to medium based organisations.

The operation and culture of the organisation will dictate, a lot of the time, whether metrics are quoted by candidates, whether acronyms are used to describe activities, functions and/or whether senior sounding job titles such as ‘VP of Accounts Payable function’ are employed. Difference is good and doesn’t pose a problem unless an individual is hoping to move from large multinational to SME or vice versa.

As a recruiter it is important to see beyond the CV and to determine whether the individual possesses the competencies required for the job and to go from there really. Many SME’s, in which people get fantastic, wide ranging experience across many functions, may not necessarily employ robust performance management systems to promote and encourage improvement. The milestone may be reached, it just may not be recorded as  % increase or as a € gain . Culture fit is one of the key’s to success in engaging the right candidate however I don’t think it should be an automatic negative that a potential employee has come from a completely different organisation/ culture. A differing perspective, a differing way of doing things can add value and opportunity to a role, department, organisation.

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