Interview the Interviewer

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Having worked in the quality function for many years I realise that the level of one’s success in the role is proportional to the committment of the senior management team to it. Specifically in small companies, the beliefs and views of the owner hugely impact one’s job. I would imagine the same can be said for other support functions such as health & safety, learning & development, human resources.

If I were to go for an interview now for a quality role I would ask a number of questions of them :
What are your fundamental views on quality?
Do your managers have any responsibility with respect to quality?
Who has the final say when it comes to making a decision which impacts on quality?
Is there a quality budget and who has authority for it?
Who do I report to and why?
Why do you need someone employed specifically in quality ?

If I wasn’t happy with the answers I would have to seriously rethink the possibility of working for them………too many uphill batttles to come.

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