Interview Preparation Advice (from you who know)

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In a recent competition we asked you to give a top tip on Interview Preparation. Below is a compilation of those tips. Thank you.


  • Research, research, research the company you are applying to. They nearly always ask ‘what do you know about us’. Make sure the information you are referencing is correct and up to date. Have a look at the company ‘News’ page on their website – are they taking on a new project ? are they expanding ?, etc.
  • Have 2/3 well informed questions ready to ask the interviewer;
  • Think of scenario based questions the interviewer may ask (competencies) , e.g.  when did you give customer service?  how did you solve a particular problem?  how did you manage a complaint? Rehearse your answers;
  • Be 100 % confident that you know and understand the job description. Make sure you can match your skills to what the employer is looking for;
  • Ensure your CV is up to date and accurate;
  • Get a good night’s rest the night before;
  • Make sure you know location of premises and allow plenty of time to get to interview location;
  • Wear comfortable appropriate clothes and shoes;
  • Be yourself and relax, if at all possible.


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