How to get your dream job in Co. Meath

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The way to get your dream job in Co. Meath is the same way you would go about getting your dream job anywhere ………

Know what you want. Don’t let location or the fact you hate your job be the prime deciders when applying for a position. It is really important that the role fits in with your career plan or at a minimum is the type of work you like doing and are good at.

It is always a beneficial exercise to write down on paper or to say out loud what your ideal job would be. You can’t find it if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Work on your CV. There are many tips and suggestions on the internet which will guide you.

If you have heard good things about a particular company send them your CV with a nicely worded cover letter (loads of advice about this also on the internet). If you can address your CV to a specific person in the company, all the better. Follow up with them a couple of weeks later reiterating your interest in working for them.

Register with local recruitment agencies and meet with them (PTP Recruitment recruiters are always interested in receiving your CV and meeting with you).

Apply for jobs which suit your skills, experience, qualifications – make sure there is at least one obvious link between your previous work experience and the job specification and of course…..

Make sure it’s something you want.

Gook luck.

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