“I haven’t done an interview in years”

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I met a really nice candidate recently who had spent many years working for the same organisation . We discussed his CV, his experience, interests, etc. and as happens to many of us, he felt it was time for change, time to experience new ways of doing things, time to challenge himself. A few weeks after we met he mailed me and asked how I thought he came across in our meeting as ‘he hadn’t done an interview in years’.  Any interview is daunting but doing one after five, ten years is even more so.

We are at pains in PTP Recruitment to say to any candidate we send for interview that preparation is the key to success. Working on our self belief is part of that prep – you want to walk in to that interview believing you have as much chance as any other to land the role. How do you do that ?

Actively look at what you have done in your career to date and link it to the job spec you are interviewing for. Be your own judge and jury (in your head) – “my evidence suggests that throughout my career I have carried out similar activities, demonstrated similar competencies, achieved success. Examples of these achievements are ……….. Examples of these competencies are ……….. The defence rests. ”

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Practice walking in, shaking hands, taking a seat. Practice the opening “so tell me about yourself” question. Prepare 3 highlights of your career which will demonstrate your quality as a candidate and try to get them in to the conversation somewhere. Know the company, try to understand why the role is necessary and how you can sort whatever problem or opportunity for change they have. Practice your goodbye – ‘thank you for your time and based on what I have heard today I want to reiterate my interest in the role”

Finding a new job is a project in itself. Viewing it as such will improve your chances of finding your next successful step on your career ladder.

PTP Recruitment does provide career coaching and interview prep if required. You may be sorted with the advice above and every success to you and your career !

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