I hate the job. I like the company.

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There are many reasons why people look for a new job. One of them may be that the day to day of the job itself isn’t enjoyable anymore. It has become a drudge, unchallenging, monotonous, too client facing, not enough client facing, too isolating, too stressful, not pressurised enough, too much commuting, etc. You name it, you have heard it and maybe thought it. All of these are justifiable reasons why people leave. Sometimes, though, there may be a dilemma in that the company is a fantastic employer, the people/culture is good and it is hard to give that up.

So if you want to stay, what are your options ?

Make the best of your current job ……

Consider potential promotional prospects down the line and plan your professional development in terms of getting that promotion and getting yourself noticed for the positive contribution you make to the organisation.

Review the day to day of your current job – what can you do to make things better for yourself ? Can you prioritise differently ?

Can you in some way change your belief about the bits you hate to make them more endurable?

Is the real reason for your unhappiness something else that you are refusing to see ?

Can you discuss with your manager and look at ways of making the job more fulfilling ?

Can you move to another department ?

Are there other activities you can get involved in – social club organisation, charitable causes, to motivate you ?

Feeling fulfilled and content is what we all strive for in our career. If the above isn’t possible then making a move might be your next step. Success to you either-way.

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