Get Smart at Interviews

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So you’ve applied for a job, either through an agency or directly. From all the CV’s received you have been asked to attend interview to determine whether you are the person they need to move the company forward in whatever capacity you can.

You are answering all the questions really well. They are very impressed with you – they already visualise you as part of their team.

Then they ask you…. “what would your ideal job be ?” and your answer is to describe a position in a company and/or culture so different to theirs that there is no coming back from that really. It’s a bit like going on a first date and being asked “what would your ideal partner look like ?” for you to describe the complete opposite to the person sitting across from you. You wouldn’t hold out too much hope for a 2nd date.

There is an assumption made by a company (and correctly so), that when you confirm your attendance for interview, that ultimately you want to work for them. There is an assumption made that the job described is, in general, the type of job you want – one which will motivate you to do the best you can. There is an assumption made that you have done your research and you know, as much as you can, the type of company it is.

So if asked “what would your ideal job be?” , I would strongly recommend your answer should in some way align to the job and/or the company your interviewing for. Getting smart in interviews means demonstrating, when you can, that you really want to work for this company in the role advertised. Preparation is the key and taking your time to answer in a considered way will help considerably.


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