Features and Benefits

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I’m reading a really good book at the moment called ‘The Secrets of Selling’ by Geoff King (also http://www.secrets-of-selling.com/). In it he describes that you should sell the benefits of your service to a client as opposed to the features of it. ‘Features on their own do little to sell. But benefits can be very persuasive’.
So, in relation to PTP Recruitment, what are the benefits to a potential employer of employing a part-time professional ?
The employer can :-
Resource an otherwise unfilled position with an experienced professional who will positively impact their business;
Potentially employ a ‘consultant’ to work solely for them;
Boost competency in a particular function and remove that burden of responsibility from current staff;
Plan strategically in relation to human resources as there are many more options open to them.
Business is a dynamic and competitive environment. The route to competitive advantage is through the people and PTP offers a viable solution in this regard.

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