Don’t Sell Yourself Short when finding your next Job !

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One of the perks of this job is meeting with potential candidates, at various stages in their careers, with numerous skills and experiences accumulated, now looking for change.

They all have a story to tell. Some tell that story better than others. Some sell themselves better than others. In my experience, the group who sells itself short most is that of women who, for a variety of reasons, have been out of the workplace for a number of years and now want to get back to work. Some familiar phrases … “I’m looking for anything really”‘  “eh .. admin work”, “I don’t mind really”. I’ve heard those phrases many times and I think what we are really saying is “I’m not very confident in my ability”, “I’m not sure of my worth outside of my home”, “throw me in to anything and I’ll be grand”. Isn’t it sad that a cohort of our population who have such a huge part to play in EVERYTHING should feel that way ?

I realise that in the smaller cities and towns of Ireland the roles available are somewhat limited and that if needs must we do what we have to do. There is no harm however telling your story in a way that shows your true abilities, your achievements, your worth. It doesn’t matter that we may not be able to apply them in the same way again but give yourself permission to tell the likes of me how good you were. I’m not suggesting you talk yourself out of the role but at some point in your search take some time to take stock of your achievements, your skills, your abilities. It will help you come across more confidently, more assured and ready to take on a new chapter in your story.

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