CV basics are necessities…

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In the huge sea of recruitment firms, the advice I give here is from a small fish who has reviewed many many CV’s from great people over the years.

So you’ve decided to change career, move company, re-enter the jobs market and you are in the zone when it comes to describing your skills, competencies and achievements. You start putting your CV together in the ‘typical’ format. The ‘typical’ format is fine, in my opinion (small fish opinion !). Our Clients haven’t complained, as yet, about the lack of infographics or the lack of creativity when it comes to CV layout. Certainly we as recruiters in PTP Recruitment haven’t favoured one candidate over another because of this.

What does distinguish one candidate from another however is quality of phrase used to describe an activity, the grammar and the spelling. Basics, you may say, but incredibly still an issue with many CV’s. If you have a ‘particular set of skills’ that make you a dream find for some employer then all the above will be forgiven. If not, and most of us aren’t in that category, you will be eliminated at the first step.

So when you are ‘in the zone’ describing your skills, competencies and achievements consider whether CV writing is one of them. If not, ask a colleague/ partner or get a professional to help you. It will not guarantee you your dream job – it will, though, ensure you are in the process.

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