10 employment law tips

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I was at a conference in October, hosted by an accountancy firm DBASS, based in Ashbourne. One of the presenters, Peter McInnes from McDowell Purcell Solicitors, Dublin, gave a very concise presentation on employment law.
His 10 tips were as follows ( they may be of value to some of you) :
1.   Do be careful what you ask at interview
2.   Do put in place contracts of employment
3.   Do impose a probationary period
4.   Do implement some HR policies – but only if you intend to follow them
5.   Do maintain employment records
6.   Do commit ssues to writing – create a paper trail
7.   Do be clear on the business case behind any redundancy
8.   Don’t think the current downturn is the perfect opportunity to clear out ‘dead wood’ without consequences
9.  Don’t act in haste – you may live to repent at leisure
10.Don’t believe employers cannot prevail in employment disputes

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